About Working Websites

Most of the web work is about making sites easier to navigate, rebranding or just cleaning things up.

Sometimes it's about making something new.

Whatever the project, there are many resources that help the creative process, or are distracting enough that new ideas creep their way into the mix.

Good distractions are incideously and valuable. The unscheduled ones that noticably suck hours out of your day create stagnation in the long run.

To tell the difference - look at what is in front of you and decide if it was all worth the effort. But then having to decide is telling.

Mainly for these reasons Working Websites charges by the project not by the hour.

If a task is finished in record time, or takes a long distracting journey there-and-back-again, the cost to the client is the same - and the outcome effectively innovating.

Work for deadlines - innovation will follow.


  • Stock Images Vectors & PhotographsOpen or Close

    Stock images vary in price depending on where you go and what you are looking for. Most clients are budget conscious. Balancing value-for-money with good graphics, while being fair to the artist can be a challenge.

    Dollar Photo ClubMy favorite site at the moment is Dollar Photo Club. Not just because of the price (yes, $1 per pic) but because their search function and interface is brilliantly helpful. With so options to chose from, drilling down quickly is paramount to avoiding the potential time-suck of combing through so many images. With a similar interface to Google images, Dollar Photo Club takes the guess work out of "legal usage." Added touch - If you see an artists work that grabs you, then you can seach within portfolio, or see all of it.

    I used Big Stock Photo for a while, but their prices have climbed in recent years and, most annoyingly, credits "expire." (Nuh-uh).

  • Image editing on the flyOpen or Close

    Even in this high-speed internet era, loading huge images on to a site can slow down the website, and eat up megabites of data allowances on mobile divices.

    An easy way to avoid this is to use photo programs to make sure your files are sized and cropped correctly.

    If you don’t have a photo editing software like Photoshop, here are a few good online alternatives: http://pixlr.com/editor/ and http://www.picnik.com/ both are good, online, FREE and easy.

  • Online Web Design PlatformsOpen or Close

    A good eye for design and basic writing and editing skills are unavoidably required to create and maintain an effective and attractive website.

    That being said, WordPress was an early starter for website development software that offers a through-the-browser interface. Some coding skills are needed to customize and shape the finished site but a growing number of templates and widgets helped reduce the need for too much tweaking.

    is still a favorite effective, low cost, mobile ready "go-to" platform. Their e-commerce interface is great for building a storefront, but unfortunately for now, the checkout system falls woefully short of effective.

    The poor checkout interface is currently a dealbreaker for clients looking for anything but the basics. For example their is no ablility to collect different shipping and billing addresses or any pertinent information such as shipping instructions (Specifically fell short with a client who runs a florist shop).

    More coming...

  • Software and Other "Deals"Open or Close

    Work in progress...

  • Stores for AccessoriesOpen or Close

    Work in progress - this page is an easy distraction but there is work to be done elsewhere.

  • ContactOpen or Close

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